Saturday, January 2, 2010

Japan Daikin 1.5HP Inverter Air Con

Energy Saving
Inverter Power Control maximises capacity to quickly reach the set temperature. It then reduces capacity to the minimum level required to maintain the set temperature. Most of the time the unit operates at near the minimum level.

More Powerful
Daikin Inverter Power Control uses its full capacity at the start-up to quickly reach the set temperature so that you can cool your room faster than non-inverter air con.

More Precise Control
As soon as the inverter Power Control reaches the set temperature, it finely adjusts capacity to eliminate any temperature fluctuations and give greater comfort than non-inverter air con.

Variable Capacity Operation
Inverter air con are able to vary their operating capacity. Non-inverter air con can only operate at a fixed capacity

  • Reluctance DC Compressor Motor
  • DC Fan Motor
  • Swing Compressor
  • PAM (Pulse Amplitude Modulation)
  • Intelligent Eye
  • Econo Mode
  • Indoor/ Outdoor Quiet Operation
  • Titanium Apatite Photocatalytic Air-Purifying Filter
  • Photocatalytic Deodorising Filter
  • Mould-Proof Qperation
  • Vertical Auto Swing Air Flow
  • Self-Diagnosis Digital Display
  • Auto-Restart After Power Failure
  • Anticorrosion Treatment heat Exchange Fins
  • 4,750 - 13,650BTU
  • Power Consumption : 1035Watts
  • Indoor Dimension : H283mm X W800mm X D195mm
  • Outdoor Dimension : H550mm X W765mm X D285mm


FTKD-25DVM 1.0hp RM 1180.00

FTKD-35DVM 1.5hp RM 1480.00

FTKD-50FVM 2.0hp RM 2370.00

FTKD-60FVM 2.5hp RM 2900.00

FTKD-71BVM 3.0hp RM 2730.00

Prices do not include installation. From LOW YAT forum.

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